A Sequel To Scarface? Say It Ain't So Oliver Stone

Here we go again. In a recent interview with Total Film to promote his documentary on Hugo Chavez and the upcoming Wall Street 2, used-to-be-controversial director Oliver Stone dropped the following nugget:

“It’s been great to go back with Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” he [Stone] enthused. “I should go back and do Son of Scarface or something!”

Obviously, he was kidding. Right? I mean Son of Scarface would be even dumber than Wall Street 2. Although every young actor in Hollywood would probably dismember their agents with a chainsaw for a chance to land the part of Tony Montana’s kid. Would Stone direct, or rescue Brian De Palma from obscurity? What about Michelle Pfeiffer returning as Tony’s estranged wife?

I’d put the odds of this ever happening at slim to nil. However, if audiences turn another Wall Street into a box office hit (and I hope they don’t), anything is possible. Then we can look forward to not only a Scarface sequel, but also Platoon 2 and Natural Born Killers 2. Ugh.