True Blood Recap: Three Things I Liked About Episode 7

Well, well, the blood of Sookie Stackhouse is like liquid gold to the vampires. Bill is going to have his fangs full trying to keep her safe from Russell’s new regime. Damn, Lorena sure did go out in a bloody blaze. I’d hate to be the PA in charge of wiping up that mess of gelatinous goo when they’re done shooting a vamp death scene. Nasty. Is it just me, or are the werewolves boring and kinda useless? Hell, all it takes is a shot to the head and they’re kaput. Weak. Speaking of weak, the Sam and Jason plots still aren’t doing it for me. Something’s got to give.

Here are three things I liked about episode seven:

1. “I bet you a hundred to one her middle name is meth.” Hoyt on Jason’s latest crush, Crystal. Simple line, yet effective.

2. The pleasing look Eric gives when Sookie’s cousin whispers the secret about her in his ear. Alexander Skarsgård can sell a scene with just his face. That’s what I call great acting.

3. Russell sniffing the Magister’s blood and knowing exactly where he was born. Dude has some mad olfactory skills.

That’s all I got. Until next week…