Will Ferrell's Greatest Movie Roles (Graphic)

Will Ferrell has enjoyed an amazing acting career. SNL. Funny or Die (home of the “Eva Mendes Sex Tape“). Hollywood. The MTV award shows. Eastbound & Down. The crazy Dubya theatre-HBO gig.

But, really, where would he be without writer/director Adam McKay? He wouldn’t have been the next “it” SNL comedian. He wouldn’t have been following in the footsteps of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. I can tell you that much. Luckily, Ferrell and McKay met during their time on SNL, where the latter would eventually become the show’s head writer. The rest, as they say, is history.

McKay has been a behind-the-scenes Scottie Pippen to Ferrell’s on-screen Jordan; the comedy duo is better together than apart. They’ve done three hit films and launched one of the most successful comedy websites in Internet history together. Today, their fourth film project, The Other Guys, opens in theaters everywhere. It’s been “certified fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes and appears to be the blockbuster that will finally take Inception down at the box office.

Since it appears another Ferrell-McKay hit is on the way, let’s take a look at the roles that have defined the impressive Hollywood career of Will Ferrell — remembering that he probably wouldn’t be where he was today with all those assists from Mr. McKay.