A 3D Animated Terminator Could Be Heading To The Big Screen

Just when you thought The Terminator had been put to rest comes news of another big screen offering. Via Coming Soon, two entertainment companies I’ve never heard of, Hannover House and Red Bear are combining resources to produce a 3D animated feature called Terminator 3000, based on the characters from the original 1984 film. The powers that be are being hush hush on the plot, but they’re aiming for a PG-13 rating and a January 2011 start date.

I still have a fondness for the T-800, judgment day and Sarah Connor, but taking into account the recent movie and TV failures to resuscitate the fading franchise leads me to believe this is a bad idea. Would die-hard fans pay to see a cartoon version in 3D? I’m not so sure. Pixar is the only sure bet when it comes to animated features, so delving into this territory constitutes a major risk for the financial backers.

Personally, I think the Terminator mystique has become passe. Nowadays, it’s all about superheroes and alien invasions. Cyborgs and nuclear war are so twenty years ago.