Is J.J. Abrams' Super 8 Blair Witch Meets CE3K?

I think a Paramount call sheet might have just given away the rough plot of Super 8. If J.J. Abrams truly did audition 13- and 14-year-old kids this weekend as reports suggest, I think it is becoming clear what the movie will be.

First we have the title, Super 8, as in the movie camera. Then we have the hypothesized age of the leads (13-14). Then there is this trailer, where we learn about a section of Nevada’s Area 51 getting moved to Ohio (seems the move was attempted rather than completed.)

Lastly, there’s Abrams’ past: he started making Super 8mm films when he was a kid. Hmmm…

Sounds like we are going to have a cross between The Blair Witch Project and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially with Steven Spielberg involved. Two teenage kids with a Super 8 camera stumble across the wreckage of what was supposed to be the relocated section of Area 51. With Abrams, I’d also expect a dash of Cloverfield to be thrown in there. In other words, we’re going to see some sh**. My guess is that the film won’t be too understated.

I loved Star Trek and Minority Report, but other than a pretty epic start to A.I. I haven’t been a fan of Spielberg’s recent sci-fi work. War of the Worlds was an absolute dud. Regardless, this is definitely an intriguing project given the two people involved. Additionally, the top secret nature of the film — it doesn’t even have its own freakin’ Wikipedia page yet — only makes it that much more interesting. It also a pretty sure bet that the filmmaking duo will continue to use teaser trailers in an effort to raise awareness without giving anything away.

We here at FlickSided would love to here other theories on the Super 8 plot. Will it be Blair Witch meets CE3K? Something else entirely? Let us know.

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