Would 3D Make You Want to See Another Ghost Rider Movie?

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is expected to hit theaters in 2011, but I can’t imagine too many people at this point are excited about it. But wait! What if it was in 3D?! As if there was any real doubt about this, it seems as though the Ghost Rider sequel will be shot in 3D to further suck the money out of unsuspecting moviegoers.

The one saving grace of this movie is not the return of Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze but the fact that Crank directors Neveldine and Brian Taylor are taking over those duties on this sequel. The Crank films were fun and fresh, so Neveldine and Taylor could bring a little fire to the series, but what kind of superhero hangover could there be by 2011?

Furthermore, what kind of 3D hangover will there be by 2011? I don’t think anyone disagrees (other than those people trying to make money off of it) that 3D is just a fad, but with projects set two, three years down the road already being given the 3D treatment, movie studios are taking a big risk by assuming that moviegoers will still want to spend what will be even more money on these films. And for a sequel to a lackluster movie? Good luck.