Separated At Birth: True Blood's Daphne And Twin Peaks' Norma

I’m currently re-watching Twin Peaks, possibly the greatest TV show of all time. When I saw Peggy Lipton, aka Norma Jennings, this time around I couldn’t help think of another small screen waitress — Daphne Landry of True Blood. My first thought was, damn, she’s aged well. But then I realized that’s impossible given that both actresses played aging waitresses who, in my opinion, were just as hot as any of the younger chicks on their respective shows.

Regardless, the resemblance is uncanny, even a little bit spooky, especially considering they essentially played the same role on two very similar TV shows. Just who are these chicks? I thought you’d ask.

Peggy Lipton is best known for The Mod Squad, Peaks and, yes, being Rashida Jones’ mom. She ended up marrying Quincy Jones after dating Elvis, a fling which ended when she tried to get him to join the church of Scientology. The King wasn’t  down with the Tom Cruise voodoo.

Ashley Jones is best known for playing that weird shapeshifter broad (no, not the really weird one) on True Blood and playing the slutty caterer who banged Craig Kilborn in Old School. You know, the original Daily Show dude. No worries, we forgot he was alive, too. Jones also had a long stint on a well-known soap. The name? Who cares, all those shows are the same. They should just call them Soap No. 1, Soap No. 2, etc. I’ll give her credit, though, she is smoking hot.

Both of these actresses also look like Nancy Taylor from Groundhog Day (not a good photo, but the best I could find), who, ironically enough, Phil Connors first met in a diner. She’s not as hot — partially because she had a hideous wardrobe — but the resemblance is obvious. Well, time for me to go and watch more of a much younger Lipton looking foxy in that turquoise diner dress. Gas wasn’t all Big Ed was pumping. Lucky bastard.