DreamWorks: Kung Fu Panda 3 To Begin Production in August

It’s been a big day of announcements for DreamWorks, as on the same day they announced a partnership with Netflix, the studio has let it be known that production on the threequel to Kung Fu Panda will begin production in two months and will be slated for a Christmas-time 2015 release date.

Production of Kung Fu Panda was initially slated to begin later this year as the original release date for the film was some time in 2016. But DreamWork as moved the new release date up to December 23, 2015 meaning things will need to get under way promptly to come in under that deadline.

It was also announced on Monday that Kung Fu Panda 3 will be a joint production with most of the filmmaking taking place in China with the help of Oriental DreamWorks.

Per the Hollywood Reporter:

Kung Fu Panda 3 will attain official co-production status in China by the joint production credits taken up by [Jeffery] Katzenberg’s Hollywood outfit and Oriental DreamWorks. The designation will see the film circumventing the country’s strict import quota and its production companies securing a higher percentage of box office revenue.

The first two installments in the Kung Fu Panda franchise have been very successful and Katzenberg went as far as to say in 2010 interview that the franchise has a total if six chapters he’d like to tell.

Right now we’ve made it three films in, and if Kung Fu Panda 3 shares the commercial success of the first two installments, we might just get to that sixth chapter.