Warner Bros to Produce ‘Encyclopedia Brown’ Film?

Encyclopedia Brown is getting the big screen treatment according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s long over due for the children’s mystery series, especially after the recent Nancy Drew movie came out a few years ago starring Emma Roberts in the title role.

According to THR, Warner Brothers is in the final stages of negotiations to option the movie rights while Roy Lee and Howard David Deutsch will be set to produce.

Donald J. Sobol, the author of the series, wrote 28 books from 1963 until his passing in 2012. Deutsch has held the screen rights since 1979 and even produced a series for HBO in 1989.

Writers have yet to be hired to write the screenplay for what should be a sure opportunity to begin a film franchise. With the news of negotations coming to a close, speculation will soon begin on who will play Brown, Sally Kimball, and Bugs Meany.

Speaking as somebody who grew up reading the books, I am surprised that a film adaptation has not hit the big screen sooner. This isn’t the only series to be ignored when it comes to adapting for the big screen. The Hardy Boys is another mystery series that hasn’t really been adapted for the big screen yet.