Saturn Awards 2013: Matthew McConaughey Wins Best Actor for Killer Joe

It wasn’t but five years ago that Matthew McConaughey was viewed as nothing more than a caricature of himself and it looked like his career had peaked. But in the last few years he’s gone far out of his way to reinvent himself as an actor and he’s now starting to garner awards for the roles he chooses.

Some are saying his role in Magic Mike was Oscar worthy and that same buzz is surrounding his current role in Mud and his future supporting role in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. But the Saturn Awards weren’t waiting any longer to honor McConaughey as they awarded him the Best Actor award for his role in Killer Joe.

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It’s been quite the career turnaround for McConaughey who was largely written of by critics and audiences after he did a string of romantic comedies that were nether funny nor terribly romantic. He was still suffering from the fallout of being Failure to Launch which coined many puns about the downfall of his career at that point.

He tried being a romantic comedy lead, he attempted to be an Indiana Jones style action star but who knew that McConaughey’s true calling was as a serious actor.

After the many jokes had at his expense, McConaughey is winning back critics with his amazing performances and he’s been riding high ever since reviving his career with The Lincoln Lawyer.

The Saturn Awards honored him on Wednesday night but it’s looking to be the first in a string of awards for McConaughey as he continues to shock the world with his amazing career comeback.