Blu-Ray Reviews: Jaws Digibook Headlines New Blu-Ray Releases Out Today

It’s been almost 40 years since Steven Spielberg ensured that no one would ever swim in a large body of water the same way ever again, but thanks to Universal we’re going to get to relive the terror all over again. Twice already we’ve seen Jaws released on Blu-Ray and today marks the third edition of the film we will see hit the shelves in high definition.

But while Jaws is clearly the headliner of the day when it comes to new Blu-Ray releases, the Mel Brooks classic the Producers is getting a Blu-Ray upgrade as is the fourth season of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

These titles highlight a Tuesday that will see a handful of various films hit stores in Blu-Ray form so let’s take a quick look at what you’ll find if you head out to pick up a movie on your way home today. Jaws | 1977 | 124 mins
Digibook/DVD+Digital Copy
$ 18.89 on Amazon

Overview: If you already have one of the two Blu-Ray editions of Jaws floating arounf the marketplace, you don’t really need to pick his up. Although, if you’re a die-hard fan of the film this latest release is a no brainer. Essentially it’s the exact same release that we saw already except this edition is in a Digibook case that fits nicely on yout book shelf. It includes about 40-pages of full color photos and backstory on the film and those who helped make it. Again, really all you’re buying here is the booklet if you have already picked up Jaws in the past on Blu-Ray.

Special Features

  • The Shark is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of Jaws (SD; 1:41:21)
  • Jaws: The Restoration (HD; 8:28)
  • The Making of Jaws (SD; 2:02:48)
  • From the Set (SD; 8:56)
  • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes (SD; 13:33)
  • Jaws Archives
  • Original Theatrical Trailer (SD; 3:15)
  • Pocket BLU App
  • D-Box and BD Live Enabled

Dick Van Dyke Show, Season 4
$41.99 on Amazon 

 Overview: If for some reason you haven’t already picked up the Dick Van Dyke Show complete collection on Blu-Ray, you’re going to have the chance to purchase all five seasons of the show in their separate cases. What you’re buying is basically the exact same version of the show that’s contained in the complete box set currently available but you’re doing it at a fraction of the cost. Where the complete series set is running about $159 on Amazon, this set is just over $40 and contains many classic episodes we’ve all come to fall in love with over the years.

Special Features

  • TV Academy Tribute to Carl Reiner featuring Dick Van Dyke, Ray Romano and more
  • Mary Tyler Moore Appearance on The Danny Thomas Show
  • Audio Commentaries with Carl Reiner, Dick Van Dyke & Garry Marshall
  • Clip from the animated program, The Alan Brady Show
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show Remembered
  • Diagnosis Murder: Dr. Mark Sloan Meets Rob Petrie
  • Dick Van Dyke Sings the Show’s Theme Song at the Hollywood Bowl
  • DVD Exclusive Awards Telecast Clip
  • Interviews with Cast and Producers
  • Emmy Award Telecast Clip Featuring the Cast
  • Original Network Promo Spots

The Producers | 1969 | 90 mins|
$19.59 on Amazon

Overview: There are few wittier or funnier minds out there than that of Mel Brooks. He’s a king of comedy in all mediums as he’s been popular in the theater, the cinema and all mediums in between. The Producers was Brooks break though hit and when he brought it to the screen in 1969, the story did even better with audiences looking for a laugh. Some were caught off guard by Brooks blunt humor, as no one had yet joked about Nazi’s, let a lone a Jewish kid from New York. But Brooks did and he did so in a way that made us all chuckle and forget about our problems for a while. The film is a classic and the Blu-Ray release is one that does the film justice as it boasts a satisfying platter of special features.

Special Features:

  • The Making of The Producers (480i; 1:03:23)
  • Mel and His Movies: The Producers (1080p; 18:52)
  • Deleted Scene (480p; 3:41)
  • Peter Sellers’ Ad in Variety (480i; 00:53)
  • Sketch Gallery (480i; 2:15) looks at the film’s production design.