Cool Stuff: ‘Pacific Rim’ End Titles Concept Art (Images)


The Art of the Title is a cool website that dedicates itself to anything and everything regarding titles.

From Vertigo to Juno to 300 to Raging Bull, the site spotlights various title sequences from classic and contemporary films to help bring some well-deserved appreciation for the often overlooked art of the title.

Today, the have a new post for Pacific Rim and an interview with Creative Director Miguel Lee and Lead Animator Ryan Summers at Imaginary Forces.

In addition to the very interesting and engaging interview, they also got their hands on some concept art (that sadly wasn’t used in the final film’s credits).

Check them out below and be sure to visit their site to read the interview and check out some more titles!

I personally like what we see in the concept art rather than the film’s final titles. But they are a little bright compared to the dark color pallet that the film carries, so I can totally understand why they weren’t used. Still, it’s great to see these wonderful compositions from some really talented artists.

Pacific Rim is now in theaters.