Star Wars Episode 7: Ray Parks Wants Darth Maul to Return in New Films

Perhaps the only universally salvageable aspect of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was the appearance of the coolest Star Wars villain since Boba Fett. When audiences got a glimpse of Ray Park’s Darth Maul they went bananas, which likely didn’t help lower the expectations that were never met back in 1999.

But now that the series is getting revived by Disney and J.J. Abrams, Parks wants back in and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor hopes to return to a galaxy far, far away sometime soon.

“I’ve said that I would play anything to do with ‘Star Wars’,” Parks said, via Flick and the City . “But really, deep down, I would love to come back as Darth Maul — that’s what I want to do. I would go crazy, go mental, lock myself in a cabin, you know. Do the whole ‘method’ for two or three months, spear-fishing and stuff, just to play the character again.”

This actually isn’t that far out of reach as the beloved animated series The Clone Wars recently maxed out interest in the show with a story arch that returned Maul to the universe. It may have seemed like a gimmick at the time ( a successful one mind you), but Clone Wars is sacred Lucas canon which means Darth Maul is indeed back and alive and could realistically make some sort of appearance in the new Abrams films.

Now, as much as we has to suspend belief when Maul came back to life on the show, we’d have to further suspend it to make the leap that he’s still a cunning warrior some 70 years after coming back to life.

But just the prospect of having Maul back in our lives on the big screen again is enough to geek out Star Wars fans everywhere about these new films — as if that wasn’t happening already.

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