Breaking Bad: 10 Best Tattoos Dedicated to Breaking Bad and Walter White

When people love something, they go to great lengths to show off just how passionate they are about whatever it is they’re passionate about. Sports fans paint their bodies, name children after legendary players and even get the occasional glass eye with the logo of their favorite team. Fandom extends to all aspects of life and you know you love something when you ink it to your body.

Breaking Bad started out as the show where the dad from Malcolm in the Middle cook meth and has turned into one of the best shows to have every aired on television. Fans have flocked to the show with fansites popping up on the internet, clubs being held in basements where Breaking Bad is viewed and discussed and fans have gone has far as tattooing Breaking Bad onto their bodies for life.

With the show winding down to it’s final five episodes, let’s take a look at some of the crazy fans who have gone beyond watching Walter White on television and have fused themselves with him for the rest of their lives. 

It doesn’t get much more intense than tattooing the half charred off face of Gus Fring onto your thigh. This tattoo looks about as painful as it was for Gus to have his face blown off, but it also looks like it was artfully planned out, just like Walt blowing up the nursing home in Season 4.

It takes a lot to make a tattoo of an old white guy on your leg look cool. But this tattoo has the color to look really great but the menacing evil of Walter White to make it badass. Who said colorful tattoos aren’t manly?

What’s hotter than a woman with tattoos? Try a woman with a Breaking Bad tattoo. Again, it’s very hard to tattoo a guys face to your leg and not look either desperate or pathetic, but just try messing with a woman who has Walter White by her hip. 

Some tattoos just look like they belong where they were put, but you would have never thought of it until you saw it. This ink job is so simple, yet it feels so powerful the way it’s shaped around this fan’s knee. It’s almost like you’re looking at an epic historical painting of some sort.

This tattoo incorporates two qualities that make it awesome. First, there’s the literal badassness of the tattoo in that it’s an original ink job that seems like it was drawn up as a one of a kind deal. The other is that the blue in the tattoo isn’t there for show, it’s representative of Walt’s blue meth, the very thing that has driven the show and Walter’s push towards the dark side.

Fans love to be obscure with their references they drop and this fan too it another step and tatted a semi-obscure quote onto their arm. The quote comes from the first half of season 5 when Walt begins to fully turn towards the dark ways he’s engulfed in during latter half of season 5.

This tattoo is perhaps the most original and coolest tattoo based around Breaking Bad that a fan has gotten inked to their body. Combining Walter White with Ned Flanders of The Simpsons fame, the tattoo symbolizes how much a cultural impact Breaking Bad has had in it’s short run. It literally blends with The Simpsons as a way that proves Walter White is part of American pop culture. That or it’s just a really awesome tattoo. 

Anytime you get a tattoo near or on your bone, it’s extremely painful. Getting a tattoo on a sensitive area like your knuckles and hand is an experience you won’t forget but that didn’t stop this fan from going all out with his homage to Walter White and Breaking Bad. It’s cool, it’s intense and it again uses the blue hue as a reference most Breaking Bad fans will understand. 

This tattoo is old school, even though the show is only in it’s fifth season. It seems like ages ago that Walter White was a timid high school chemistry teacher and Jesse Pinkman was a smart ass druggie. It’s almost a sentimental tattoo has it harkens back to simpler times when Walt was still nice and Jesse wasn’t so scarred that he only said five words per episode. 

This tattoo isn’t nearly as intense as the other but it’s perhaps the coolest of them all. This is the tattoo that belongs to Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston. It goes to show just how important Walter White and Breaking Bad are to Cranston, who like the fans rabid about the show isn’t afraid to mark himself for life in honor of Breaking Bad. In an interview with Howard Stern, Cranston admitted that after Malcolm in the Middle, he had enough money off of residuals that he didn’t have to work again. So in a way, Walter White was a character he never had to play, but it has become his legacy and he will own that role in more than one way until the day he dies.