Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Batsuit Leaked? (Photo)

Batman fans are still letting the idea of Ben Affleck playing The Dark Knight soak in and most are still rejecting the idea entirely. But Warner Bros is very serious about involving the Oscar winning actor in their DC Universe plans and besides the massive contract they gave him to play the part, more evidence has supposedly surfaced that shows how invested they are in ‘Batfleck’.

Concept art that appears to be a Batsuit design for Affleck’s Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman film has surfaced on the internet and folks are still 50-50 on it’s authenticity. While some are swearing it to be gospel, others like Bleeding Cool are advising fans to pump the brakes, but don’t stop the train completely.

The mystery surrounding the art focuses on the man who posted and drew it in the first place. Steve Scott, an artist who worked on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films is reportedly the man behind the artwork and to add to matters, Bleeding Cool reports that the concept art was yanked from the web after someone apparently realized they had posted the wrong picture.

All of this is leading some to believe concept designs for Ben Affleck’s Batsuit have been leaked.

There’s a lot to love about the Batsuit, real or not. The best part of the artwork may not even be the suit itself, rather the note that explicitly states that there be no Bat Nipples on the suit. The Bat Ears do seem to be a bit too short, but to lend authenticity to the artwork, the designs are very reminiscent of the costumes created for Snyder’s 2009 film Watchmen.

We won’t know how valid this artwork is in relation to Batman vs. Superman until some sort of confirmation is given from either Snyder or someone involved. If this is the design, it’s impossible to judge before seeing the actual suit post-construction. Still, with an early 2014 shooting date scheduled in Detroit, we will soon see very real updates on what Batman vs. Superman will look like, and where this art fits in.