The Simpsons to Feature All LEGO Animated Episode in Season 25?

There once was an age where Bart Simpson was the edgiest thing on television. In the subsequent 20 years since that’s been the case, The Simpsons have seen their fair share of ups and downs — mostly downs recently — but the minds behind the show are at least still trying to make the show relevant even if the jokes have gone from being original and punchy social commentary to second-rate Family Guy rip offs.

Ever since The Simpsons Movie, the quality of the show has been all over the place but this season may feature the most radical attempt to revolutionize the Springfield family yet. According to Nerdly, the recent licensing deal between Fox, The Simpsons and the folks at LEGO have many believing that an all LEGO animated Simpsons special is in the works for May 2014.

There have been plenty of rumours regarding just what we’re going to get from LEGO’s forthcoming The Simpsons licensed range, including a myriad of buildings, characters et al. Well now we have official word, from an insider at a special Fox/LEGO event, on just what the LEGO Simpsons range will entail …  this new LEGO range will also be supported by a special Simpsons LEGO TV episode (much like the LEGO Star Wars specials) in May 2014

Nothing official has come down the pike at Fox, and many are speculating that the most rational inclusion of LEGOs into an episode of The Simpsons is to have it be a part of the always interesting couch gags.

Still, we’ve seen LEGO work it’s uncanny magic on the likes of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few franchises, so the hope here is at the very least the partnership with LEGO can in some stimulate The Simpsons into becoming more than what it’s been lately.

Because the last thing LEGO needs is a bunch of disconsolate Simpsons fans swallowing their product.