Emmy Awards 2013: What Awards is Dexter Nominated For?

The 65th Annual Emmy Awards are right around the corner and with less than 48 hours until the awards are handed out, lots of television an film actors, producers and writers are sweating out their anticipation over what will happen. With hundreds of people nominated for awards, it’s sometimes tough to figure out who’s nominated where and for what.

While Breaking Bad is the hot show of the year, it isn’t the only drama dropping the curtain. Showtime is closing out the series Dexter, which many fans have admitted isn’t what it used to be. But this last season has been emotional and raw on so many levels and the next question is if the Emmys will honor the show’s efforts.

Th short and long answer is no, because Dexter was completely snubbed from this year’s Emmy Awards. Not a single major category features a cast or crew member from Dexter, and it’s something fans of the show are being painfully reminded of this weekend. There was some controversy over the Emmy Awards airing at the same time as the Dexter series finale, but fans could care less about watching a show that Emmys totally snubbed.

Which Emmy Awards do you think Dexter should have been nominated for, or do you agree with the across the board snub? Sound off in our comments section and let us know. Check out Hidden Remote for even more television news, previews and rumors.