‘Homeland’ Season 3 Preview

With Homeland Season 3 premiering Sunday we have he perfect tonic to help get us over the loss of the Breaking Bad. But what can we expect this season from the show that redefined espionage on TV? Let’s pull apart the trailer for season three to see if we can get any insight into the future of Carrie, Saul, and Brody.

Last season ended with Brody being dropped off by Carrie like a sack of potatoes at the Canadian border. Brody is left with no choice but to flee after his video confession related to the VP bombing is released to the media. With the chaos created by the video will this moment be the only peaceful time Brody and Carrie share all season?

Carrie is of course broken down and emotionally vulnerable over Brody leaving, but I mean this is Homeland. What is the show if Carrie doesn’t flick her hands as if playing an air piano every time she gets nervous? Anyhow she’s got a lot of reasons to cry.

The media seems interested in a United States Congressman revealed to be a terrorist. Who could have seen that being a big story? That won’t be good for Dana and the rest of the family being apart of the 24 hour news cycle. Dana, the daughter, was a lighting rod for criticisms in season 2. Her plots have seemed a bit ridiculous by Homeland standards. I worry that this media crush might make her character even more of an annoyance.

Look’s like Saul has his hands full explaining how the CIA bungled the entire Vice President Walden/Brody situation. David Estes’ death by bomb last season leaves Saul in charge of the unit. Saul will eventually need to fix Carrie again, but before that he has to navigate the red tape left over from last season.

The Brody safe house in Canada lacks the amenities usually needed for city living. How long can he stay in this open air prison cell? Maybe he should think about painting one of the walls a solid primary color. It could really spruce up the room.

Dana is pulling a full on Weiner here. Who is she taking this naked selfie for? Isn’t she a bit young for this? It is a great way to get back at an absent Dad. Got to give her credit for that. Needless to say Dana is growing up.

Unless this is a flashback then at some point during the season we can expect Brody to take on a jungle army with only a shotgun and a jeep. These have to be the guys who Dana sent her dirty texts. This isn’t what we would call keeping a low profile in Montreal.

How much is Dana missing her Dad? This much. In an attempt to be as close Brody as possible it seems she has adopted his faith. The press will love that. Nervous about the amount of Dana Drama (Trademark Pending) seen in the trailer. We don’t need more Dana in season three.

Here’s the photo that will get any Homeland fan on the edge of their seat. What is Saul apologizing for? We will have to wait until Sunday at 9pm on Showtime to find out. Until then I am off to search the web for those Dana selfies because they need to be scrubbed from the internet.