Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes: Dress Your Baby Up Like Walter White

They couldn’t be any more the polar opposite than they are, but somehow the hit AMC series Breaking Bad and cute, innocent children go together surprisingly well. As the folks over at Uproxx have found, when it comes to finding a Halloween costume for your child, look no further than Walter White and Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul first alerted the world to the power of babies, makeup and the wonder of Halloween when he tweeted an absolutely golden photo of a pair of kids dressed up in spot on outfits based on Breaking Bad.

It wasn’t the only photo found though a parents giving in to their inner Walter White and break bad to make their kids look like perhaps the most evil character in television history. But because they’re kids, and just about anything kids do is cute to people, the outfits work and make you want to pinch Walter White’s cheeks.

Careful though, because baby Walter White is the one who pinches.

There will likely be plenty more Halloween photos based on Breaking Bad pop up as we near the holiday, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as cool as these Halloween costumes. How doe sit feel to be upstaged by a three year old?