Apple Unveils New iPad Air, New OS Software and More


Apple is hot off of releasing the new iOS 7 operating system for their current and brand new lines of products but they aren’t yet done showing off gadgets they hope everyone wants. Today, Apple unveiled the new iPad, which is naturally going to be thinner, smaller and more powerful than the existing iPads.

The new product will be dubbed the iPad Air, similar in name to the existing Macbook Air which is a thinner model of the Macbook Pro. The iPad Air will be about 20 percent thinner than the iPad 3 which has been out for some time now, and will operate on the new iOS 7 software that Apple released just a month ago.

But the unveiling didn’t end with the iPad Air, as Apple introduced a new Mac OS and iWork which is aimed at competing with Microsofts industry standard Word and Excel programs. Apple is trying to take over the software world in a way they haven’t yet been able to and this new iWork software suite is how they aim to do it.

What most consumers are interested in though is the new iPad Air which will hit the market at $499. The next question is how well Apple and compete with other top line tablets set to come out this year and those who view and use their tablets for film purposes will be interested in seeing how the battle ends up.

Right now, the new iPad will be the highest definition iPad available, which is good news for those who watch Netflix and other videos on their tablet. Still, the battle is far from over, even if Apple is trying to take an early lead on 2014.