Apple Releases New OS X Mavericks Software Which Will Be Free


One thing that’s true about Apple is everyone wants their products. Moviemakers and moviegoers love Apple products because it’s one of the most simple ways to both create, edit and view movies whether your doing it for school, for fun or just watching the latest release of a film. But another thing that is true is that their products don’t come cheap, something the company is trying to alter.

Last month when the new iOS 7 was released, so too were cheaper versions of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C. Today, Apple announced that the freebies are still coming as the new OS X Maverick was unveiled with the price tag of free.

“Today we announce a new era for the Mavericks because today we are announcing Mavericks is free,” said senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi at the San Francisco unveiling. “Free is good.”

Free is indeed good as existing Apple Macbook users will very much appreciate the fact that they won’t have to pay to upgrade their current operating systems to keep up with the latest trends. Film students living on a tight budget will love this news as well, allowing for money otherwise allotted to upgrading their Apple devices to be spent elsewhere.

Apple users can download the new OS X Mavericks starting today for free.