Batman vs. Superman: Adam West Wants to Play Bruce Wayne’s Father

Shooting began on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie this past weekend but the cast of the film isn’t completely filled out yet. Official shooting with the main cast and crew won’t start until early 2014 which gives director Zack Snyder time to fill out the rest of the cast to compliment Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.

One actor who wants to pitch in with his talents is a Batman from the past — Adam West. In speaking with 13th Dimension, West said that he has an idea for playing Bruce Wayne’s father and even described a scene in which he emerges as a ghost and inspires Bruce to be Batman.

“I play Batman’s father, and one terrible evening, when Batman, Bruce Wayne himself — the young one — is desperate, and the thunder’s crashing, the lightning, I come in through the library window, which kind of springs open in the storm and I say, ‘Bruce, I’m your father. And at one time I was Batman. I want you to look in that volume over there.’ You know what I’m saying? People would stand up and cheer. But that’s just, you know, a cock-eyed idea of mine,”

If Adam West is to have a cameo in Batman vs. Superman he’d likely be seen the same way Stan Lee is in Marvel movies and wouldn’t have a crucial part like Bruce Wayne’s father.

However, it would be pretty cool if West played Alfred which could play up the reason why he’s as knowledgeable as Batman and be a sort of in-joke with fans. Neither role will likely happen but it’s still a fun thing to ponder.

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