Family Guy Killed Brian Griffin to Give Him a Spinoff Show?

Last week, fans of the television series Family Guy got a rude and violent reality check when long time family dog Brian Griffin was killed off from the show and replaced by a new dog named Vinny. But while the shock of the death of an alcoholic animated dog that talked has destroyed our lives, there’s hope still that fans will once again get him back.

The latest rumor involves Brian Griffin getting killed off from Family Guy to allow him his own spinoff series following his life. While nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans are clinging to a rumor coming from Hollywood Life that is likely false but still intriguing to consider.

Now, it seems like the basis for the rumor was a website that was counting down to announcement about Brian Griffin from FOX but this website was debunked as a hoax and a fan site. But the idea of giving a Family Guy character a spinoff show is something that isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

We’ve seen Cleveland Brown get a spinoff and there have been other characters that would seem fit for a spinoff series. Seth MacFarlane also only has one show on FOX’s Sunday night schedule after the 2013 season as American Dad is moving to TBS in 2014, meaning FOX might want to throw him another bone — pun very much intended.

But for now, there’s really nothing much to report on the Brian Griffin front, but the possibilities of what could be happening with the character are mounting and somewhere Seth MacFarlane is laughing his ass off at all the hysteria over a fake television dog that could talk.

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