Fight Club 2: New Details Revealed About Sequel’s Plot

Earlier this summer, we learned that famed author Chuck Palahniuk would be penning a sequel to his hit novel Fight Club which spawned one of the greatest movies to have been made in the last 30 years. Not only did the movie solidify the career of David Fincher, but it also made it cool to like Brad Pitt without a shirt on even if you weren’t a woman. 

But ever since Fight Club 2 was announced as a graphic novel sequel to the first book and movie, fans have been clamoring for any information they can get about where the new story will go. Palahniuk talked extensively about the sequel with Hustler Magazine and spilled some massive details about the plot.

The sequel will be told from the– at first– submerged perspective of Tyler Durden as he observes the day-to-day tedium of the narrator’s life.  Because 20th Century-Fox created the convention of calling the protagonist Jack, I’m calling him Cornelius.  He’s living a compromised life with a failing marriage, unsure about his passion for his wife.  The typical midlife bullshit.  Likewise, Marla is unsatisfied and dreams of accessing the wild man she’d once fallen in love with.  She tampers with the small pharmacy of drugs that her husband needs to suppress Tyler, and– go figure– Tyler reemerges to terrorize their lives.

While fans — including myself — have reservations about making a sequel to a film and story that are absolutely timeless and classic the way they are, Palahniuk is one of the greatest writers we have today and he is the last guy to go for a cash grab on a sequel.

More details about Fight Club 2 will likely emerge as Palahniuk writes the novel but until then fans will chew on the meaty details he dropped until more news comes out.

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