‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 15, Episode 10: Preview, TV Info, & More

Pablo Schreiber might be the hardest working man on television. His name might not yet be familiar to you, but his face certainly is. He’s Officer “Pornstache” on “Orange is the New Black”, a Russian mobster on “Weeds”, and worked the docks on “The Wire”. His scariest role to date has to be as William Lewis, Olivia Benson’s kidnapping rapist on “Law & Order: SVU”. Last we saw of Lewis he was being hauled away to jail. Tonight’s episode puts Benson’s attacker on trial, and is billed as the “last chapter” of the Lewis story. Here’s the brief synopsis from NBC about tonight’s episode.

The trial of serial rapist William Lewis once again pits Benson against her attacker. Pablo Schreiber guest stars.

While the case seems cut and dry to viewers, the preview from NBC tells a different story. The prosecution is dealing with false testimony from Benson. That alone could be enough to declare a mistrial.

This is a must see episode for “SVU” fans. The Benson/Lewis case is one of those over the top emotional grudge matches that wouldn’t work on a lesser program. Now the show hasn’t been the same since Detective Stabler left, but Benson’s character proved it’s strong enough to carry the story lines. I’d like to see Benson take on a new partner after everything cools down from the Lewis trial. Shift Benson into more of a Jerry Orbach mentor role on the show.

Date: Wednesday, January 8th
Episode Title: “Psycho/Therapist”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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