Zoe Saldana says The Avengers will fight Guardians of the Galaxy

The summer movie scene this year will be one that largely gets overshadowed by the films coming in 2015. But while we all can’t wait for the films hitting theaters next year, one film this summer that is garnering a lot of attention is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not many people are familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy, but the film’s anti-hero nature is sure to draw an audience. Something else could draw an audience is a rumored crossover with The Avengers, which is a rumor that has a lot of people excited.

Zoe Saldana, who stars in Guardians of the Galaxydropped a potentially serious spoiler to Total Film this week when she nonchalantly stated that her crew from Guardians of the Galaxy will fight The Avengers. 

“I was like, Guardians? There’s a person that’s a tree and there’s a racoon? Apparently they fight with The Avengers. I didn’t even know who The Avengers were!”

Saldana has mentioned that she had no previous knowledge of Guardians of the Galaxy, so this little innocent slip could be legitimate spoiler information. It’s possible that a battle with the Avengers is something that was part of the studio pitch to Saldana that sold her on staring in the film, but as anyone in the film business knows, what you hear in the pitch doesn’t always end up being in the final product.

So while Saldana could have heard that the Guardians will fight the Avengers, it’s also possible that this was just something kicked around before production got fully underway.

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