Zac Efron in Talks to Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It appears Marvel is in talks to sign Zac Efron for a future film. It is unknown at this point what role Efron would play, but an agreement would be beneficial to both parties.

Marvel reclaimed Daredevil’s film rights from Fox Studios back in 2012 after Fox’s attempt to make another film fell through. With Marvel reclaiming Daredevil, Marvel agreed to a deal with Netflix to have a Daredevil television series. Daredevil will begin production this summer in New York and Efron would bring a lot to the production, if both sides are able to come to an agreement.

Over the years, Efron has not lost his fan base from his High School Musical’s days. With that said, he is looking to expand his improving and talented skills, and any role with a potential Marvel project is a start. Efron’s huge female fan base can help with the ratings at Netflix.

Word is there are three roles that Efron is being considered for – Daredevil, Doctor Strange and Nova. Daredevil had its own movie previously, starring a younger Ben Affleck. Affleck could have done a much better job portraying Daredevil. Jon Hamm is considered to be the favorite to land the role of Doctor Strange. Another big name actor, Johnny Depp, Marvel’s first choice for Doctor Strange, may not be available to play the role due to other movie commitments. As for Nova, I am unsure where he fits into Marvel’s plans for Phase Three, but could possibly appear in a film down the line toward Phase Four or Five. If Efron were to join the Marvel Universe, I definitely expect him to take the role of Daredevil.

For me personally, I think Efron would do a better job with the role with Marvel Studios than Affleck did with Fox Studios. I can’t really see Efron playing the role of Doctor Strange, unless Marvel decides that Doctor Strange should be a much younger character. In the comics when he joins the Avengers, Doctor Strange looks quite aged. So it would be an interesting twist if Marvel were to cast Efron as Doctor Strange.