WWE Insider: AJ Lee Reportedly Pregnant

Is WWE Diva AJ Lee pregnant? That’s the question on every WWE’s mind.

Since Lee took a leave of absence from the WWE back in April, fans have been anxiously waiting for her return to the company. According to a former backstage worker, fans might not be seeing Lee back in the WWE for at least nine months.

Verified WWE insider MetsFan4Ever stated on Reddit.com that rumors of Lee’s pregnancy could in fact be very real:

“I have gotten word from a reliable source that AJ Lee is pregnant. I am looking more into this story and can’t confirm yet. But I figured I would share this story here first with you fans. We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true.”

MetsFan4Ever is a very well known WWE Insider, having broke the news of Lee’s wedding to (former) WWE Superstar CM Punk last week before the story was later confirmed, revealed JTG’s release prior to any official WWE announcement, as well as a series of other WWE company spoilers.

Neither Punk or Lee have commented on the rumors, but if the rumors turn out to be true it is likely Lee won’t be returning to the WWE anytime soon.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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