The Americans should last at least 5 seasons

The Americans could last for a total of 5 seasons at the very least. At least that is what they are hoping for at this point. It will depend on the following it can get. 

The questions are coming out about the longevity of The Americans. That can’t be a good sign. The show has not gotten the recognition that it should from the public, so people are wondering if it will be able to last. The question was raised to FX Networks CEO John Landgraf.

Here is what they said via TV Line:

* How long will The Americans run considering its own less-than-stellar live ratings? “I think it’ll be at least five [seasons],” Landgraf replied. “Some of that will be dependent on how good it remains. … I sure would like to see the Emmys step up and take notice [of the series]. That would be really helpful for the longevity of the show.”

The life expectancy is for at least 5 seasons, but if it can gain some traction there will sure to be more to be added. Season 3 is set to kickoff on January 28. We will see how much steam they will be able to pickup during the season.

The story is about to pickup. Season 2 was epic, even though it didn’t get any attention. All the talk is looking toward Season 3 and hopefully recognition can come from the award shows. If they are able to make that happen, then it could pick up a following.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys have done a terrific job in their roles on The Americans. They deserve some recognition for what they have done to this point. This show should get some love around the country. It should last longer than 5 seasons if that is how long they wanted to write for it.