Constantine: How To Summon Your Demon

I know I am few days behind right now, but I just saw the latest episode of “Constantine” titled The Saint of Last Resorts Pt. 2, and it was great. I almost forgot about not having “Constantine” for the midseason winter break. Troubled times lie ahead Harry, when John Constantine summons a powerful demon inside of himself to save his life. If you haven’t seen it yet or need a reason to get into the show, here is the trailer for your wondering eyes to revel upon.

This show has all of the best things about the comic, it’s funny, sexy, smart-ass, violent, and supernatural. I am a big fan of this show. Matt Ryan is the perfect actor to portray Constantine. He is surrounded by a stellar supporting cast as well. There are so many reason to like this show. It has quickly become the show that I tell all of my friends about. The best part is that John is a smoker. This was something that the internet was buzzing about after the pilot aired. Fans were wondering if we ever would see John smoke, and in this episode I think that we finally got our answer. I do not recall if we see hints at it before this moment.

In an interview, Matt Ryan (John Constantine) explains the future, after having a demon living inside of him:

It’s interesting [for] an exorcist, who knows all about demons and excising demons and managing them, for him to actually have one inside himself. The most interesting to see is John going through this struggle knowing he only has a certain amount of time before this thing is going to take over him, and then what are his options to survive that? You see him really struggling with that.

He goes on to talk about Chas and Felix Faust:

John has a previous relationship with Felix Faust, but he doesn’t know that Felix Faust is responsible for the goings-on in Brooklyn and New York. The episode really is about Chas’ backstory, and how Chas came about his powers then, and John’s relationship early on with Chas. We have a little flashback which explains a few things about Chas and John and that relationship. Also, [we learn about] John’s relationship with Chas’ family and Chas’ wife not liking John enough and how they have to negotiate that. We really do dig into Chas’ backstory a little bit and get underneath all of that.

TV Line]

This show is only getting started, so get caught up and get into “Constantine”, before it’s too late. It just might save your soul. With the news that ratings are low, it looks as though this series’ days are numbered. This is really bad news for a show that has a great story and Matt Ryan who really is a perfect fit for the petty dabbler. So get out there and get into “Constantine”, and then tweet #saveconstantine cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing.