Andrew W.K. As The New BOB? Sure, Why Not?

David Lynch and Mark Frost seem to be doing everything humanly possible to get actors from the original seasons of Twin Peaks to return to their parts. One person who won’t be able to do that is Frank Silva, who played BOB, as he’s no longer with us, having passed away just a few years after the series first left TV.

With that in mind, why not open the floodgates to people who want a shot at the part? One of those people, apparently, is rocker and TV host Andrew W.K. He took to the forum most people use to do their public campaigning these days — Twitter — and showed off his rather uncanny resemblance to Silva.

Before you tell me you aren’t familiar with Mr. W.K. or his work, let me cut you off and assure you that you are. At the very least, you know his 2001 hit “Party Hard,” which is still being used in commercials to this very day.

I know you’ve seen this Android commercial, which was just released this past October:

Not only does the singer look the part, he also has some experience with dual identities, in a manner of speaking. BOB hangs out in the bodies of others (like, say, Leland Palmer) to do his dirty deeds. Andrew W.K. may or may not have once been someone named Steev Mike. That’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s at least in the ballpark.

There hasn’t been any word on whether or not we’ll see BOB at all in the Showtime version of Twin Peaks, but given that his evil seems to be timeless, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet. If that’s the case, Andrew W.K. probably has as good a shot at the role as anyone.

(via Uproxx)