Fanboys: Star Wars Road Trip Comedy Celebrates Six Years

Fanboys, the Star Wars road trip comedy, celebrated the sixth anniversary of its opening on Friday.

The movie holds up six years after my initial viewing. Maybe its because I’m a Star Wars fan but this was a film that I heavily anticipated when it opened–granted, its release kept getting postponed by The Weinstein Company.

While originally released on February 6, 2009, the comedy was supposed to have come out in 2007. The delay was due to reshoots and additional scenes that the original budget would not allow for. During some reshoots, Kyle Newman was replaced as director and the cancer story was taken out. Thankfully, the plot was restored in the final cut because the film would not have worked well without it.

Kyle Newman directs from a screenplay written by Adam F. Goldberg and Ernest Cline from a story by Ernest Cline and Dan Pulick. Starring in the comedy are Jay Baruchel, Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, and Kristen Bell. There are numerous cameos including Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Seth Rogen (three different roles), Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Jaime King, Danny McBride, Ray Park, Craig Robinson, Ethan Suplee, Joe Lo Truglio, Lou Taylor Pucci, Will Forte, Danny Trejo, and William Shatner. The Office‘s David Denman has a very minor role playing the brother of Sam Huntington’s character.

Set in 1998 as Star Wars fans across the globe await for the May release of Episode I. For Eric (Sam Huntington), Linus (Chris Marquette), Hutch (Dan Fogler), and Windows (Jay Baruchel), the term “fanboy” is more than a title to them. For these four, they consider it to be a band of honor.

Dan Fogler, Chris Marquette, Jay Baruchel and Sam Huntington star in Kyle Newman’s FANBOYS.

Impatient and with an undying loyalty, the four former high school friends have reunited for the road trip of a lifetime. They travel from from Ohio to San Francisco to visit George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch with a plan to break in, steal the film, and take credit as the first fans to watch the movie.

Their trip isn’t made easy. They have to deal with bikers, a pimp, Star Trek fans, and of course, William Shatner.

With an original release date having been set for 2007 and then later pushed back to 2008 before a final release date in 2009, some of the stars who cameoed had become larger stars than when the film was produced. Seth Rogen became a household name by the time of the release. Despite playing three different roles (Admiral Seasholtz, Alien, and Roach), Rogen doesn’t even get his name in the top billing.

Lucas gave the film his own stamp of approval after viewing a rough cut and went as far as offering permission to use original special effects from Star Wars.