Fall Fashion Collection Inspired By Twin Peaks’ Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne wasn’t the only character on Twin Peaks who looked like she had suddenly time traveled to the 90s from a previous decade, but she may have been the one who owned her retro look the most. Her sophisticated throwback outfits were so stunning (as was Sherilyn Fenn, it must be said) that it was easy to forget that her character was only supposed to be a senior in high school.

With that in mind, it’s only natural that Audrey would be inspiring fashion designers even today. That’s why I was tickled to come across designer Kaelen Haworth’s fall collection, which is filled with ready to wear pieces that Women’s Wear Daily says actually do draw upon Twin Peaks in general and Horne in particular as their muses.

Check out this outfit and tell me you couldn’t see Audrey in it:

A few things here too. First of all, I understand (sort of) the way the fashion cycle works, but damn, Fall 2015 already?

Also, this does make me curious as to what the costume folks will come up with for the characters on the show when Twin Peaks returns. Considering Audrey and some other characters were dressing like people from three or four decades prior, I hope that doesn’t mean we’ll get them looking like they’re in the 80s in 2016. Egads.

No, I think Horne is timeless, and her style will age like fine wine. If Fenn comes back, maybe we’ll see her in some of Haworth’s clothes. They’d certainly do the trick.