Snyder Leaks ‘First Look’ at Aquaman

“The First Image of Aquaman From Justice League”

Zack Snyder made a promise to the world a few month’s back. He said that no longer would people see Aquaman as an inferior superhero once they see Jason Momoa suit up as the King of the Seas. In fact, Snyder promised the world a ‘badass’ Aquaman. Shortly after, word came that Jason Momoa (“Conan the Barbarian”, “Game of Thrones”) had been cast in the role of Aquaman for Zack Snyder’s upcoming films “Justice League” and “Batman V Superman”.

There were many other promises that came with this casting. The tides were shifting, and Aquaman would be getting the real world makeover for the films. He would be muscular, intimidating, and a force to be reckoned with.


Snyder and Momoa have been met with a barrage of questions from fans ever since this proclamation. We all will have to wait for the teaser trailer for “Batman V Superman” to truly understand Snyders gameplay, because films with multiple heroes have not fared well in the past. That is until “Avengers”. The Marvel hit changed the entire game. There was no more talk of the failures, there was just talk of this new gold standard.

The studio, Momoa, and Snyder have kept tight-lipped about any details of the character until yesterday. Yesterday, Snyder took to Twitter to show the world the first official image of the Ruler of the Oceans. Here he is, in all of his splendor.

Make fun of him now. I dare you. Jason Momoa does look badass as Aquaman. He looks ferocious, and extremely pissed or driven. Gone is the strong greens, oranges, and golden scaled shirt. There is no more golden flowing hair that has accompanied the character since his inception.

Snyder’s Aquaman is influenced heavily by Polynesian culture. He is tattooed all over with what appears to be tribal styled (No not the barbed wire type) tattoos. Shark tooth forearm armor mirrors the actual tattoo that Momoa already has on the same forearm. The rest of his tattoo’s are reminiscent of scales or spearheads. I am sure that everyone has a meaning, because Snyder is an extremely detail-oriented director. Momoa was perfectly cast for this role, and should bring prestige to the role, being that he is representing a character that reflects his real-life culture.

The trident that you see is easily recognized as the Trident of Neptune. A weapon that was forged by Neptune and embodies his essence. Snyder has said on one occasion that the best thing about this trident, is that it harness the power to cut Superman’s skin, to make him bleed. Exactly what powers the trident has is anyone’s guess, but it does give Aquaman control over the oceans and any wave of creature within it.

This Aquaman is great! I initially paused for a minute, but, yea, he really looks really good. There is so many wonderful things going on here, from the tattoos, the armor, to the trident. I don’t know about the silver highlights. I hope that they make them blonde as an homage to the original characters hair color. So, bring it on Jason Momoa, I love the look, and cannot wait to see you in action!

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” hits theaters on March 25, 2016, followed by “Justice League: Part 1” on November 17th, 2017, “Aquaman” on July 27th, 2018, and “Justice League: Part 2” on June 14th, 2019.