Where Does BOB Rank Among Favorite TV Serial Killers?

If you’ve ever watched the original seasons of Twin Peaks — and you probably have, or you wouldn’t be hanging around with us on this site — there’s no way you’ll ever be able to forget BOB. Or Killer BOB, if you must, but that word really isn’t necessary in front of his name, There’s something about the perfectly maniacal face of Frank Silva (may he rest in peace) that combined with the classic David Lynch style to produce something that just got stuck in your brain.

While it’s definitely not cool to have a “favorite” serial killer in real life, it’s alright when it comes to television. Inspired by the upcoming season premiere of The Following, which has its own memorable antagonist in Joe Carroll, the Toronto Sun has done its own list of the top TV killers. It’s a small group, only five deep, but does BOB make the cut?

Of course he does. Though it’s not clear if the list is ordered, only Dexter Morgan from the series Dexter gets mentioned before BOB. Here’s what the Sun says about the resident demonic spirit of Twin Peaks:

Most TV killers who are central, recurring characters in their shows are fascinating, even charming, souls. But BOB? He was just crazy and scary and the stuff of nightmares. While it’s difficult to really categorize BOB as a person – he’s technically an evil entity that feeds on fear, and this is a David Lynch joint, after all – he’s central to the murder mystery at Twin Peaks’ core. Assuming you can actually decipher it.

If you don’t want to count BOB because he’s not really a person, might we suggest Leland Palmer instead? No? Well, alright then.

I have no idea what Lynch and Mark Frost have in store for us next year, but I certainly hope BOB is still around in some form. He’s one of the best … er, worst. You know what I mean.