Tomorrowland Trailer looks Amazing!

“Tomorrowland’s Trailer is Full of Amazement and Wonder”

Somebody shake me, because the last time I checked, wasn’t Disney’s “Tomorrowland” supposed to not be that good? The teasers weren’t really that impressive. I was probably going to see the film anyway, but this trailer blew me away!

What would you do if you had a magical pin medallion that would transport you an alternate world where anything is possible? To mind-warp this idea further, this mysterious world is right here. That’s right look around you. You don’t see it? It’s there, trust me.

Brad Bird looks to be channelling films like “E.T.” from the hey-day of Spielberg’s 1980’s. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from the director of “The Incredibles”. And just like with that film, we’re excited and giddy with child-like wonder. The way the settings and textures in the film looks beautiful. George Clooney looks like he may have hit this one out of the park. There is so much t get excited about. The way that the future or alternative reality looks is great. Then you have all of the gadgets. This movie seems like it is gearing up for fun.

Is Tomorrowland in the future? Why do Dystopian scientists always wear military-styled uniforms? Wait was that a jet-pack? Will the Rocketeer have a cameo? I have so many questions and the two month wait is going to be unbearable!

I cannot wait to see more from this film. You have my attention Disney. Brent and I approve.

“Tomorrowland” stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, and hits theaters May 22, 2015.