Hannibal Season 3: Bryan Fuller Confirms Time Jumps in Episode 1

Hannibal Season 3 is right around the corner and it appears that Bryan Fuller can’t stop teasing us with information about the new episodes. 


To say that Bryan Fuller is excited that Hannibal is returning in June is a massive understatement. The man has been pumping blood into the Hannibal fanbase all offseason long, and now that the show is coming back he’s kicking the teases into overdrive.

After confirming who some of the directors on this season of Hannibal will be, Fuller confirmed that there will be time jumps straightaway in Hannibal Season 3.

Bryan Fuller teased the third season of Hannibal and let us know that the new season will kick off in four different time periods.

It was rumored that the series will feature some time jumps in Hannibal Season 3, and this seems to confirm that. Of course, the time jumps we’re looking for will need to be significant, but the fact that they will be getting out of the way in the first episode helps set up and establish the Red Dragon storyline.

Hannibal is starting to get really good, and the series taking time jumps in the first episode only makes things more exciting.