Jimmy McGill’s law degree is the latest Breaking Bad easter egg on Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman and Better Call Saul‘s Jimmy McGill are alumni of the University of American Samoa’s law program.

Jimmy McGill began episode eight of Better Call Saul with a celebration. Chuck McGill’s younger brother pushed a mail cart through the hallways of his law firm at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Jimmy had been keeping a secret from his brother though.

This time Slippin’ Jimmy’s actions didn’t land him in the hot seat at Cook County Jail. Instead of giving his brother a disapproving look, an overwhelming feeling of pride came over Chuck McGill. His younger brother had turned his life around and passed the bar exam.

Michael McKean, who portrays Chuck McGill, tweeted this out before episode eight in support of his fictional younger brother.

Jimmy McGill’s flashback showed us how he got started in his law career. Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad practiced his own form of the law. Fans know Goodman’s role on BB is eventually where Jimmy McGill will end up so it only makes sense that his degree made an appearance.
In season 3, episode 11, “Abiquiu,” The Whites pay a visit to Saul Goodman to set up a money laundering scheme. The two are trying to cover their meth money tracks and enlist the shady lawyer for help. Walter assures Goodman has everything in place but Skylar is not as convinced. She even has the audacity to call Jimmy out for what she believes to be lackluster credentials.
Apparently the Land Crabs of University of America Samoa are not on Skylar White’s list of top college mascots.


Saul Goodman’s name is plastered on this degree, which makes fans wonder the exact timeline of events. I’m sure when Jimmy first learned he passed the bar he had dreams of a strip mall office with wallpaper of the Constitution.

We know from a flashback earlier this season that Jimmy McGill used the name when pulling off cons. He passed the bar with the name he was born with, but how/why does he eventually obtain a degree bestowed upon Saul Goodman?

Later episodes of Better Call Saul will seek to answer these questions. The latest episode “Pimento,” will premiere on Monday, March 30th at 10 PM ET on AMC. Get a sneak peek of episode nine before the premiere.