Better Call Saul: Jimmy McGill wears the Matlock suit well

Jimmy McGill’s Matlock apparel suits him well on the eighth episode of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul‘s Jimmy McGill does not fit into his flashy Saul Goodman suits quite yet. Goodman dealt with large amounts of money dealing with the clients and cases that no one else wanted. His criminal lawyer niche brought him in cash and fame throughout Albuquerque. He was the go-to guy whenever things went sour.

Saul Goodman’s gaudy and loud suit attire perfectly matched the work he did. Eyes were always on Goodman, his suits practically begged for attention. He stood out compared to other lawyers, based on the type of work he dealt in and his appearance.

Jimmy McGill is no Saul Goodman. Fans already know this with only eight episodes of Better Call Saul. If there’s one part of Saul Goodman that shines through with Jimmy McGill it’s his ability to  reason and win over people. Jimmy saved the lives of the Lindholm brothers from a raging Tuco Salamanca. He talked the hardened criminal done from a sentence of murder to two broken legs.

Two people who Jimmy keeps close and wants approval from are his brother, Chuck, and old friend, Kim Wexler. In the first scenes of episode eight fans get to see the happiness and surprise that overcomes Chuck after he learns his little brother passed the bar exam through a flashback.

Years later, Jimmy worked closely with his brother on a case against Sandpiper Crossing Assisted Living. The retirement community where many of his elder law clients reside has been wrongfully charging mutual clients. Chuck and he built a credible case and don’t back down on taking the behemoth corporation.

This cooperation between the McGill brothers can do great things. Chuck loves to see his brother working hard instead of taking the easy way out and cheating the system. Josh Wigler with Digital Trends expands on Jimmy McGill’s recent actions:

“For weeks, Jimmy has promised his brother that his Slipping Jimmy days are behind him, and if only for today, we believe him. For though he has only looked like Matlock in the recent past, he’s now acting the part as well.”

Jimmy did do some dumpster diving in this week’s episode but the wrong of this action pales in comparison to his actions on previous episodes or Breaking Bad. Jimmy does seem to be turning his life around practicing a legitimate form of the law and exposing wrongdoings.

He has embraced the Matlock persona, robbing from the rich retirement community that is stealing from the poor seniors. Many of his elder law clients easily recognize the older sitcom and know that Matlock always fought for justice.

However, the events of Better Call Saul have conditioned fans into believing that Jimmy’s life can significantly change in a short amount of time.

Next week’s episode may cause him to shift gears, which may cause him to ditch the Matlock suit and go for something a little brighter. Episode nine of Better Call Saul will premiere on Monday, March 30th at 10 PM ET. “Pimento” will debut on AMC, catch the sneak peek the network released before the premiere.