Twin Peaks Documentary Coming To BBC Radio

While we wait for more word on when Twin Peaks will return to TV on Showtime — and hopefully not if, considering some comments over the past few weeks by David Lynch that caused a few nervous moments — we can at least hear more about it on the radio.

BBC Radio, that is, as it’s presenting a documentary about the series that will air on BBC Radio 4 on April 6. Hosted by Danny Leigh, the program will also bring on DJ Rob da Bank to discuss the Twin Peaks soundtrack, filmmaker Richard Ayoade and authors Denise Mina and Andy Burns.

The show will air originally at 4 pm, which is 11 am Eastern time in the US. Fans in the States can listen to the documentary online on the BBC Radio website, which also has a specific Twin Peaks page with a host of additional content, a bonus clip from Ayoade and the archived version of the broadcast (once it airs, of course).

It’s always good to have the series discussed in a forum like this just to keep the fires properly stoked for next year. BBC stuff is almost universally well done, so this should be an informative and entertaining look at how Twin Peaks continues to influence TV and pop culture in general today.

And after all, isn’t that why we’re looking forward to seeing more of it?