David Duchovny Compares X-Files to Hannibal

Hannibal Season 3 is coming down the pike and should be packed full of more quality action — but David Duchovny isn’t too much of a fan. 


This summer will see an X-Files reunion of sorts on NBC when Gillian Anderson’s Hannibal airs after David Duchovny’s Aquarius on Thursday nights. Of course, the world is getting an actual X-Files reunion in 2016 when Mulder and Scully come back for six more episodes of the series, and the connection between all three shows has a lot of people talking.

One of those people is David Duchovny.

Duchovny spoke with Variety and compared the upcoming X-Files revival to Hannibal — but not in a totally positive way.

“I’m not a violence fan, and I don’t look at it so much so I don’t think about it. I’ve seen some images from ‘Hannibal,’ I think that’s well within what we need. I can’t imagine us wanting to get any weirder and darker than that, so I feel like we’re fine.”

It’s really hard to not love everything that Duchovny does, from X-Files to Californication and hopefully Aquarius. He’s also not bashing Hannibal here, rather he’s actually giving it a compliment for how far a series has been able to push the envelope. It’s also ironic that he pins the violence button on Hannibal when he is set to star in a Charles Manson crime drama.

That being said, there’s always an open invitation from fannibals — at least this one — for Duchovny to come aboard Hannibal at anytime, as the man can do no wrong and adding him to Hannibal at some point could be killer.