What will season two of Better Call Saul look like?

The second season of Better Call Saul will look something like Saul Goodman’s flashy suits on Breaking Bad.

What will Jimmy McGill be up to during season two of Better Call Saul? Signs are pointing to Jimmy McGill not doing anything at all. That’s because Saul Goodman will be taking his place. Bob Odenkirk wants more Saul, Rhea Seehorn hopes she’s even included and Michael Mando states that Nacho planted his “seed” in Jimmy McGill.

Questions have been answered during the first season but that’s also allowed room for new ideas to grow. One of the awesome, unique things about this show is that we already know where the protagonist ends up. Some may see this as the show’s greatest weakness, I think it’s its greatest strength.

Fans can remember the Saul Goodman that would come into an interrogation room shooing off cops and berating them to stop harassing his clients. Compare that to the Jimmy McGill that was hesitant to set up a quick pickpocket with Mike Ehrmantraut on episode six. Mike was the one in charge of that interrogation, he just needed McGill to pull off his scheme.

The plot and performance of season one lets fans know that Jimmy’s story is long from over. This leads to the potential for heaps of storytelling. And we know this storytelling is going to be amazing.

Breaking Bad gave us a look at Saul Goodman after Better Call Saul, but it really only gave us a peek. Saul Goodman was just a character on the show, not the protagonist. He was not even introduced until the second season.

When Bob Odenkirk couldn’t make the show, another character was written in to take his place. Do you think the same could have been done with Bryan Cranston and Walter White on BB? I don’t think this possibility existed. Much like I think that Bob Odenkirk could not be substituted on any future episode of Better Call Saul.

Fans have a lot more exploring to do in season two, and I think Saul Goodman will be rearing his ugly head right at the beginning. Jimmy’s short conversation with Mike during the finale’s end hinted at this. Jimmy’s no longer bound by Chuck’s judgment with his actions. He’s going to do what he wants and get the results he wants. This sets the stage for a fast and aggressive transformation.

The time and attention the cast and crew took to set this scene is something fans should really appreciate. Season two of Better Call Saul will return early next year. We will get thirteen more episodes of Jimmy McGill moving to Saul Goodman.