Man arrested for possession of drugs that look exactly like Walter White’s meth on Breaking Bad

A man in Illinois was arrested for possession of meth that was straight out of Breaking Bad.

Police busted a man that was traveling with blue meth, just like the kind Walter White used to make on Breaking Bad. The man’s last name wasn’t Heisenberg and he told police he prefers ball caps over pork pie hats. Not really.

The New York Post reported that police:

“discovered $1.6 million in Methamphetamine styled after the “Baby Blue” product made infamous by the TV show Breaking Bad.

Has someone actually mastered Heisenberg’s recipe for meth? I have my doubts. If this guy was smart enough to make the same meth as the genius Walter White I don’t think he would’ve been pulled over by the cops.

Breaking Bad fans know Walter White would’ve found some way out of a traffic stop. Plus he wasn’t even driving a Pontiac Aztec.

This is yet another lesson for people not to attempt to break bad. Leave it to Hollywood and the professionals. There may be some lawyers similar to Saul Goodman that can get you out of any jam but I still wouldn’t take the chance. There’s nothing that can compare to the real Saul Goodman. Your lawyer in real life would never dress that flashy and have someone like Huell following them everywhere.

If you’re really craving some of the blue stuff try some of this LEGAL blue candy. The LA Times has the perfect recipe to make some treats in the style of the Breaking Bad meth.

Watch Saul Goodman before he was involved in Walter White’s meth game. Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off, just finished its first season. Season two of Better Call Saul will return in early 2016.