Better Call Saul vinyl hits record stores next week

Celebrate Record Store day on April 18th by getting this awesome Better Call Saul vinyl.

SPACELAB9 will be releasing a 7″ Better Call Saul vinyl in one week. The record will debut in celebration of Record Store Day, which occurs on the third Saturday of April every year.

SPACELAB9 released this promo when they initially announced the release date back in February.

The record company will also be releasing an album dedicated to another hit AMC series, The Walking Dead.

The Better Call Saul vinyl will include two tracks. One of them will be the song penned by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, themselves. The track is performed by Junior Brown, check out the music video.

The vinyl is a limited release, so act quickly! Fans can check with their local record stores to see if the album is available for pre-order.

If you’re craving some more Better Call Saul tunes and you need to kill some time, you can listen to the opening theme…for 10 hours. Let it be the lullaby that puts you to sleep at night. When you wake up in the morning it will still be playing!

Season two of Better Call Saul will debut in early 2016. Until then, at least we have some sweet sounds to remind of us of Saul Goodman.