Fans recap on their favorite moments from season one of Better Call Saul

AMC compiled a list of all the fan-favorite moments from Better Call Saul’s first season.

Better Call Saul’s first ten episodes have come to an end. Fans were extremely impressed with the Breaking Bad spin-off’s premiere season. We were introduced to Saul Goodman’s predecessor, Jimmy McGill and all of his struggles.

The first season was filled with twists and turns for Jimmy. He was accompanied by another Breaking Bad character, Mike Ehrmantraut, during the initial run. Fans saw these characters in a way they never could have on BB.

AMC, the network behind Better Call Saul, had fans voice their opinion about the top moments of season one of the Breaking Bad spin-off. The official Facebook page for Better Call Saul asked fans to cast their votes with a post on March 31st.

AMC also had Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan, participate in an interview ran by fans.

They have since collected the results of their “client satisfaction survey.” Earlier this week they posted the top five results. AMC also included a video clip of each of the scenes picked by fans.

You could already guess that Tony the Toilet Buddy made an appearance. Mike Ehrmantraut has a share of the top scenes too.

Season two of Better Call Saul will premiere in early 2016. The second season will surely be loaded with even more memorable moments, although we probably won’t get another sex toilet.