All the awesome shots of season one of Better Call Saul (Video)

This filmmaker made a compilation of all the unique camera shots from season one of Better Call Saul.

Just like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is a work of art. Fans got obvious treats like cameos and easter eggs throughout season one. There are also plenty of steps taken behind the scenes to make Better Call Saul magnificent.

With a closer look, they can notice more subtle strategies that the crew took throughout the first 10 episodes. “Bingo” was filled with shots built on geometric shapes. Vince Gilligan worked closely with one of his editors to make unique opening sequences for each episode. The theme song itself is also something fans love about the show.

A fan took notice of all the distinguishing shots employed during the run of Better Call Saul’s first season. Vimeo user, Jaume R. Lloret made a compilation of all these camera techniques. Tony the Toilet Buddy is included, along with Chuck’s view from his space blanket.

The montage is accompanied with a delightful classical tune.

Season two of Better Call Saul will promise more artistic approaches to filming. Just like Mike Ehrmantraut said on Breaking Bad, there will be no “half measures” when it comes to making the spin-off perfect.

The second season of Better Call Saul will return in early 2016.