NBC’s Aquarius Looks Like a Murder-Filled Thrill Ride

“NBC’s Aquarius Bring Duchovny Back to Television”

NBC’s Aquarius looks like it may be the next show that makes it onto my watch list. Starring David Duchovny in his big return to network television, Aquarius, involves the investigation of a young Charles Manson.

NBC has officially announced that the show will be a thirteen episode series premiering on May 28th. The show will be set in the 1967, years before the Sharon Tate murder. This series will give viewers a chance to explore the making of cult leader.

David Duchovny (“Californication”, “The X-Files”) plays Sam Hodiak, a WWII vet and homicide detective in Los Angeles during the late 1960’s. When an old girlfriend enlists his help to find her 16-year-old daughter, Emma Karn (Emma Dumont- “Salvation,” “Bunheads”) who goes missing, Hodiak enlists the help of a young vice cop Brian Shafe (Grey Damon- “True Blood,” “Friday Night Lights”) to find the girl.

Although both are reluctant to work with one another, they find out that she has run away with a young Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, “Game of Thrones”). A career criminal who has dreams of being a professional musician.

Check out the first trailer for it below:

This series looks great, and it is really nice seeing David Duchovny fitting back into the role of law enforcement and investigation. He just has the look of one of the agents. Can I say that? The show doesn’t just come of as a police procedural though, it seems as though there are still some tricks up NBC’s sleeves. There are touches of quirkiness in the trailer, and it is apparent that the 1960 will play into elements of the show as well. May 28th cannot come fast enough.

NBC also gives us a first look at the show with a special little sneak peek at the show.