The 10 Worst Television Show Finales

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Have you ever been really disappointed by the finale of your favorite TV show? Join us below, as we compile some of the most upseting television show finales ever.

When a beloved television show comes to an end, feelings can often be quite mixed. On the one hand, you want to continue following the stories and adventures of your favorite characters. Then again, it is probably best to end the series before it becomes an unrecognizable version of its original self (looking at you Lost).

If you are lucky, the show will end on the perfect chord, wrapping up your characters lives but leaving just enough loose ends to keep you wanting more (how good was Breaking Bad?!).

Often though, shows flounder in their endings, with the show runners coming up with some ridiculous premises to get them out of having to come up with the creative energy to tie everything up. When this happens, it’s a bit of a tragedy. After all, you invested yourself in season after season of these character’s lives and stories to have Ted end up with Robin anyway (I’m still very angry about that).

A whole lot depends on the ending of a show. A good case could be made to say that the entire series rides on it. After all, it’s the final impression you are giving to the audience. It’s where you’re leaving the characters and story. And there’s no going back either.

Unfortunately though, a lot of shows get it wrong. And with the finale of Mad Men coming up, we decided to take a look at some of those times when they got it really wrong.

So here it is, in no particular order, the 10 worst television show finales.

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