Star Wars Rebels Gets Bigger and Better in Season 2

“Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Hosts Fan-Favorites and A Deadly Sith Lord”

Star Wars Rebels” is a cartoon on Disney that is serving to bridge the gaps in the Star Wars universe. You wouldn’t think that it would be very good, and that is where you would be wrong. “Star Wars Rebels” had to follow in the wake of the beloved “Clone Wars” cartoon that was cancelled, although it was a fan-favorite.

Although ratings have not been the greatest for the television show, reviews are really good. After getting caught up on the first season, I will say that this is a show that every “Star Wars” should be watching. Every episode is laced with hints to bigger things coming (as we already know with the original trilogy) and references and cameos from some of the most well-known and loved characters in the Star Wars Universe.

This weekends Star Wars Celebration gave us some insider info at what is to come for the show as it goes into the second season, and also gave us our first look at the Official Trailer for the second season.

Here it is in all of its glory:

At the “Star Wars Rebels” panel at the celebration, the show’s producer, Simon Kinberg, confirmed that James Earl Jones will be voicing the character we all know, Darth Vader, throughout the remainder of “Rebels”.

He also spoke about how season 2 will be bigger than the first and substantially raise the stakes. In an interview with Collider, he says:

The story gets bigger, the stakes get higher as it should. I feel like we’re moving into our ‘Empire Strikes Back’ era for the characters – where they’re really challenged. The first year was ‘A New Hope’. Now all these characters have to go through different trials.

This is good news for fans, and those of you who are wanting to begin watching the show. There is no better time than now to dig into all of the action. I, for one, cannot wait till the second season begins.