The Crazy Doctor Who Rumor That Could Be True

“Doctor Who Could Finally Cross The Morality Line”

The Mirror, a British Tabloid had said that the Doctor could be facing somewhat of a quandary when the next season kicks off. The Doctor has always walked a clear path, but what will the Doctor do when faced with a situation where his actions could change everything that we know about the show and its beloved past?

The dilemma that stands in front of the Doctor, according to The Mirror, is whether or not to murder a child who the Doctor knows will grow up to become a despicable leader directly responsible for the death of millions across the universe. Who is the child you might ask? It is not Hitler or anyone from Earth’s past. It is the child version of Davros, the man responsible for creating the Daleks.

According to the tabloid, the episode will be a two-parter, taking place in the first two episodes of the new season. It references back to a classic episode from the Tom Baker era, Genesis of the Daleks, where the Doctor proposes this same question to his companions. This question holds a lot of weight in the Doctor Who universe, and if acted on, could potentially change who the Doctor is. Would you be able to make the decision?

In the new episodes, The Doctor is captured by a young Davros and forced to help him save the unborn Daleks from doom.   Killing the young Davros could save millions, including the Time Lords, and prevent the Time War from ever happening. As troubled as Capaldi’s Doctor has been about his past and his own morality, could we see the Doctor commit murder? How would that make you feel?